Customer Testimonials
LightEdge Case Study: Supporting the Evolution of IT with Hybrid Colocation

A trusted partnership with Schneider Electric helps LightEdge Solutions meet its customers’ data center needs and supports digital transformation.

Light Edge Solutions – Supporting the Evolution of IT with Hybrid Colocation

LightEdge partners with Schneider Electric to offer an ecosystem of technology where edge meets the backbone, public cloud meets private, and security and compliance are notably in place.

DartPoints Case Study: Colocation Goes to the Edge

DartPoints shares why they have partnered with Schneider Electric for design/build services and technology implementations to help grow their business model and take advantage of new opportunities brought on by the growing demand for edge data center solutions.

DartPoints - Colocation Goes to the Edge

Leveraging Schneider Electric's edge data center solutions, DartPoints offers customized edge infrastructure solutions with site-specific colocation capabilities for businesses.

Underground Party: Visitors Astounded by Bluebird’s Expanded Data Center

Cave exploring is usually reserved for adventurous travelers in exotic places, but on July 7 visitors in Springfield Missouri, went 85-feet beneath the surface in a former mine to explore and celebrate the grand opening of the Bluebird Underground expansion, an 80,000 square-foot data center. Check out the blog for more information.

Next Generation Colocation: T5 Opens Up To Customers with StruxureWare DCIM

Until now, the majority of wholesale colocation providers have offered secure space, power and cooling. As customers seek increased transparency and automation in their own operations, forward-thinking organizations like T5 Data Centers, are in the midst of defining the next generation of colocation with a much more strategic mindset, and full service solutions.

T5 Takes in the Full View through DCIM

The transparent data center has long been prophesied and now it’s being realized as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools are informing new efficiencies. One such tool, StruxureWare for Data Centers, has just been rolled out by T5 Data Centers giving it a master view of all its operations and facilities.