Customer Spotlights and Reference Designs
DartPoints Case Study: Colocation Goes to the Edge

DartPoints shares why they have partnered with Schneider Electric for design/build services and technology implementations to help grow their business model and take advantage of new opportunities brought on by the growing demand for edge data center solutions.

DartPoints - Colocation Goes to the Edge

Leveraging Schneider Electric's edge data center solutions, DartPoints offers customized edge infrastructure solutions with site-specific colocation capabilities for businesses.

Rock Solid Expansion: Bluebird Underground Adds Data Center Capacity

Learn how Schneider Electric helped Bluebird Network overcome expansion challenges when designing a data center 85 feet beneath the surface.

Watch our customer spotlight and read the written case study.

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Customizable Colocation: IronGate Building for the Future

In today’s colocation market, customers demand just in time delivery of IT space that is flexible and cost effective. Colocation provider IronGate Data Centers specializes in meeting these demands by offering customized colocation spaces through implementing flexible solutions from Schneider Electric.

How LightEdge Implemented a Flexible Data Center in an Old Limestone Mine

LightEdge was looking for a company with a strong knowledge of colocation requirements to assist in their data center deployment. In this video, the President & COO discusses how Schneider Electric's team has helped them every step of the way from retrofits to green field designs. 

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Customer Testimonial - T5 Data Centers

In this customer testimonial video, the President and CEO of T5 Data Centers discusses their data center setup, and why they chose Schneider Electric as their infrastructure partner.

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Internap - Edge Computing Helps Meet Customer Latency Requirements

Providing data center infrastructure, co-location, and edge computing services to a wide scope of clients, Internap has built its reputation on speed, agility, and expertise. See how Schneider Electric’s scalable solutions are working for them at their headquarters in Atlanta.

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TierPoint - A New Data Center in 11 Weeks

To meet customer demand, TierPoint needed to deploy more data center capacity in Seattle – and fast. Read about the challenges they faced and how they launched a new data center in 11 weeks.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Customers

Read how Compass Datacenters utilizes StruxureWare software to improve effciciency in their data center infrastructure and building management systems.

DataBank - Increased Energy Efficiency through an Innovative Cooling Solution

DataBank needed a cost-effective solution that would maintain DataBank’s rigorous design, testing, and maintenance standards to ensure the availability of critical applications and information assets.

Watch the DataBank video case study and read the written case study.

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RagingWire Offers a New Level of Redundancy, Reliability, and Service for their Customers

Many data centers fail to meet the 100% availability challenge.  RagingWire sought to change that.  As RagingWire’s data center infrastructure requirements grew, the company collaborated with Schneider Electric to implement infrastructure designs and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions.

Redefining the Status Quo for Energy Efficient Data Centers

When Cogeco Data Services embarked on designing and building their Flagship data center, their objective was to build a Tier 3 colocation and cloud services data center with a PUE of 1.5 or less. With a seemingly impossible goal, they turned to their trusted partner in data center infrastructure and energy management - Schneider Electric.

Stream Data Centers' Private Colocation Facility

The Stream Private Data Center is a single-story, purpose-built, 73,320 SF, structurally enhanced data center building, designed to withstand 146 mph winds and uplift.  The data center infrastructure was designed to meet a 2N electrical and N+1 mechanical configuration.

Reference Design: 600 kW, Configurable Tiers, Indirect Air, Semi-Prefabricated, 17000 sq. ft.

Details about this design:

  • Extremely flexible with low cost entry point
  • Incremental capital and operational expense outlay with modular and scalable deployment
  • Modular and repeatable architecture to aid in greenfield builds and brownfield retrofits
Reference Design: 3300 kW, Tier III, Chilled Water, 70,000 sq. ft.

Details about this design:

  • Speed to Market advantages over legacy construction processes. (10-12 months time to market)
  • Incremental capital and operational expense outlay with modular and scalable deployment
  • Fully integrated and instrumented “Out of the Box”
Blog Posts
Data Center Life Cycle Services Explainer Video

Learn more about how to Assess, Plan, Design, Build, & Operate your Data Center

Infographic: Optimizing Data Center Services

Managing a state-of-the-art data center business is challenging. A competitive offering calls for agility and efficiency at an optimal price, while addressing the unique needs and complex requirements of data center services customers. How can you ensure both competitive advantage and customer satisfaction?

8 Megatrends Impacting the Colocation Industry

As the importance of the data center in business rises, so do the disruptions to the colocation market — resulting in both challenges and opportunities. In particular, we’ve identified eight megatrends and interviewed eight industry experts to find out how they are managing or leveraging the following: edge computing, the changing face of the colo buyer, interconnectivity, data center design architectures, IoT and Big Data, cloud computing, DCIM and industry consolidation.

The Future of Cloud Computing According to Tierpoint

In the first of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Andy Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer, Tierpoint, to discuss how technical innovation and customer requirements are driving the future of cloud computing. Check out the blog for more information.

QTS Profiles the Changing Face of the Colocation Buyer

In the second of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Jim Reinhart, COO, QTS, to find out how the profile of the colocation buyer has changed as the market has evolved. Check out the blog for more information.

Examining the At Scale Data Center Trend with RagingWire Data Centers

In the third of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Doug Adams, President, RagingWire Data Centers, to examine “at scale” data centers and understand their role in supporting ever-increasing demand. Check out the blog for more information.

Talking Data Center Design Architecture with Digital Reality

In the fourth of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Kevin Dalton, V.P Engineering, Digital Reality Trust, Inc. to discuss the future of data center architecture. Check out the blog for more information.

CyrusOne Asks: What’s a Data Center without Connectivity?

In the fifth of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Josh Snowhorn, VP & GM at CyrusOne, to understand the various ways data centers are connecting to everything — especially the cloud. Check out the blog for more information.

Report Highlights 7 Colocation “Megatrends” and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Schneider Electric brought together colocation executives from around the world to discuss issues driving the future growth of their industry at the 2015 International Colocation Club. Read more and download the free roundtable report.

Underground Party: Visitors Astounded by Bluebird’s Expanded Data Center

Cave exploring is usually reserved for adventurous travelers in exotic places, but on July 7 visitors in Springfield Missouri, went 85-feet beneath the surface in a former mine to explore and celebrate the grand opening of the Bluebird Underground expansion, an 80,000 square-foot data center. Check out the blog for more information.

Next Generation Colocation: T5 Opens Up To Customers with StruxureWare DCIM

Until now, the majority of wholesale colocation providers have offered secure space, power and cooling. As customers seek increased transparency and automation in their own operations, forward-thinking organizations like T5 Data Centers, are in the midst of defining the next generation of colocation with a much more strategic mindset, and full service solutions.

T5 Takes in the Full View through DCIM

The transparent data center has long been prophesied and now it’s being realized as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools are informing new efficiencies. One such tool, StruxureWare for Data Centers, has just been rolled out by T5 Data Centers giving it a master view of all its operations and facilities.

Ready for the DCIM Cloud?

How can customers get the benefit of DCIM data, analytics and insights, without necessarily becoming traditional DCIM customers?

DCIM For a More Distinct Flavour of Colocation Service

With the evolution of IT systems, a small subset of the colos are starting to break down barriers by providing managed services and IT infrastructure consultancy to their customers.

Cloud Watching and Other Planned Activities

This blog discusses how the cloud impacts the traditional businesses of Schneider Electric and our customers:

Is DCIM Ready for the Public Cloud?

The public cloud presents compelling opportunities to data center owners and operators. But can enough trust can be built between vendors and customers for new services and better information to be delivered via a DCIM public cloud?

Why DartPoints Lives on the Edge

In the sixth of our 8 Megatrends series, we spoke with Hugh Carspecken, CEO at DartPoints, to discover why he created a business model which helps companies “live on the edge.” Check out the blog for more information.